Z20 LCDs

Comprehensible technology, intuitive operation: The neoMMIs simplify the operation of your electric bike and offer a variety of useful functions.

While riding, the rider should concentrate fully on traffic or the beauty of nature. Controlling the drive system must therefore be easy. This is precisely what the neoMMIs offer! Operation is very intuitive through use of a maximum of 5 buttons, easily reachable with the thumbs without having to remove hands from the handlebar. With five different levels you can choose the assistance according to your wishes. Whether speed, range, distance or battery charging level – the neoMMIs show you all the important information.


  • Current speed
  • Selected assistance or recuperation level
  • Current battery charging level and remaining range in km
  • Daily and total kilometres
  • Average speed
  • Travel time
Neodrives BLOKS Display 20

neoMMI 20

Clearly structures, easy-to-read 2” LCD

Neodrives BLOKS Display 20c

neoMMI 20c

High-resolution 2” colour display

Neodrives BLOKS remote control


Intuitive operation of the system using only 5 buttons. Among other things, you can vary the degree of pedal assistance at any time with "+" and "-" on the rocker switch of the neoRemote in order to make optimum progress in all situations and terrain. There are five assistance levels, level 0 = "Off" and two recuperation levels in which the battery is recharged.